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Digital Marketer

A typical shipping line relies on companies like M Logistics to secure new clients, destinations, and long-term partners. Manufacturers and importers/exporters speak to agencies like us to find safe, low-risk continuous operation across the seas for their goods. But how do we find each other? As a digital marketer, you help make our network by actively trying to solve problems for businesses and shippers worldwide. The digital marketer will be part of a new M Logistics campaign that creates rich content, stories, interviews, and photojournalism to tell our success stories. Ideally, the digital marketer would use not only social media, but also proper news and media outlets to analyze the market, devise expert commentary from our network, and actively engage our followers and clients. If you have copy writing or newsletter experience prior, you are doubly welcome to apply. To apply, you get to choose one of two options: (a) write 200 words on the global trade of condiments, citing major producers, shippers of choice, and your best guess of export-import country pairs (hint: use reports from development & investment banks). (b) write, sketch, draw, or pitch a fictional story on the founding and groundbreaking growth of Sandal, inc., a local Nubian-roots company that relied on a 100% foreign customer base by shipping their product offshore. Ready to apply? Send an email to:

Experienced Sales Agent

One year after pandemic restrictions lifted, M Logistics has seen tremendous growth in its core activity. Our organization is set to handle a broad variety of solutions for customers. We have a highly capable and professional team of sales and operation analysts taking care of long-term clientele, who continue to make up a solid 80% of our portfolio. For this new role, we want a bold candidate who can launch a limited backlog portfolio and support our non-traditional growth plans but is on the same page with M Logistics management when it comes to risk management. This is a senior role where the candidate is expected to understand that new customers are difficult to sign, de-risk their operations by making short orders, and that new destinations require an elevated level of presence. Ideally, you will have little objection to answering business calls after hours, live nearby, and highly independent. In your cover letter: talk to us about specific industries you shipped for in the past. Send your polished, customer-ready CV to:

HR Representative

We are looking for a young candidate, little experience or knowlege of Egyptian labor law, social insurance, and medical requirements mandated by the government for all employed persons. Ideally, the candidate must show attention to detail, integrity, and a high degree of confidentiality to earn the trust of his or her colleagues. We promise a unique experience: we would like our very first HR generalist to take a founding role in our growing organization and establish internal company policies and procedures. This is no small task: it will involve deep reading and interpretation of the law, which also means we are looking for someone exceptionally fluent in both English and Arabic. Interviewees will be asked to read a small newspaper article in Arabic and translate in English. Passionate candidates only: show us how passionate by sending an email to

For applications, please use this email: Applications sent to any other address will not be accepted.