What We Do

Container Shipping

We specialize in container shipping, which includes 20ft/40ft flat-racks, open-tops, and other variants of standard shipping containers. We have excellent rates in some of the world's busiest ports, extend on-average a 14-day free container hold during clearance activities, and provide local trucking and customs clearance services with ease.

Roll-on Roll-off Shipping

RORO became commercially available in the 1960s with the globalization of the auto industry, but we can take care of any cargo that can move on its own. This includes road vehicles, engineering/farm equipment like tractors and special trucks, as well as planes and boats (which are towed or hung on a side). Our specialized shipping lines use vessels with built-in ramps that can withstand up to one million pounds, so your cargo can be driven or towed on and off ocean vessels without being dismantled. Your asset is delivered directly to the port, and picked up directly from the port at your destination. RORO trade routes are focused on specific global regions, so it is often the fastest way to ship large assets.

Break Bulk Shipping

"Break bulk" is how everything was shipped before the invention of the container. Connect with us on frequent orders, hazardous material, project cargo, and all out-of-gauge needs. Examples of break bulk are wood, rolls of steel, or items that have unique containers, such as grain or fluids, or any engineering cargo such as train cars, large engines or drivetrains, extra-large pipe or cables, and pre-fabricated structures. Getting quotes for this kind of cargo is now easy and our expert shipping lines have reliable services and insurance for your precious cargo. At M Logistics, we are always ready to offer you turn-key solutions for your biggest assets and shipping needs. Photo credit: Elena from Adobe.